Altar Dedication

Today we dedicate altars for use in our church.
Q: Why do we have altars? A: Altars are, simply, a place
[certainly not the only] where we encounter God.
Q: Is there a Biblical precedent for altars?
A: Noah built the first recorded altar in the Bible. Abraham marked many important spiritual moments in his life with an altar. The Bible records many other times when people built and offered sacrifices at an altar.
Altars were used for many expressions:
for thanksgiving, praise, repentance, and for complete surrender to God’s will.
Q: When did altars change from stone altars of sacrifice to wooden benches? A: During the Great Awakening in America
the evangelists of the time searched for ways to help people respond immediately to God’s call. “Mourner’s benches” or altars evolved as this special place.
Q: What is the difference between an “altar call” and an “open altar?” A: An altar call is when people are invited to respond to God’s message and make an immediate, definite response.  An open altar is when people come to the altar to connect to God and share whatever struggles, concerns and hopes they have at that time.

MNU ServiceCorp Mission Opportunities

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