Invited to Participate…

One of the things that we notice about the ministry of Jesus is that he met people where they lived. He was in the marketplace, the Temple, the village squares, the town synagogues, and people’s homes.  He did not expect people to come to him but was active in seeking them.  Those whom Jesus encountered were invited to follow Him…to participate with Him in Kingdom building.  In fact, Jesus only called participants; He never called for spectators. This is something we highly value at Faith Journey, and why we encourage all those who attend to discover what it means to be a Disciple.

Why we Serve?

Jesus told us, His disciples, to make disciples of all nations (not just Olathe).  Therefore, another important value of Faith Journey is our mission to the world.  It begins in downtown Olathe and spreads overseas.  Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as cleaning the church or preparing church bulletins, to assisting at homeless shelters or accepting to be a missionary in Kenya. And, you may not realize just how impactful your efforts at serving and investing in others can be until you see it through the eyes of a little girl who loved “coco…”  (click here to see her letter)

Where Can I Serve?

There are various options available when it comes to serving one another by participating in one of our Kingdom Ministries.  Please feel free to click on any of the following ministry areas for a more detailed explanation as well as that ministry’s coordinator.  We welcome you to join us in this Journey of Faith.
Hands and Feet